Now Accepting Paypal Advanced Payment

Payment for Monthly Membership meetings now being accepted via PayPal using the below link.


Dear Members:

I have received numerous comments (both positive and negative) regarding the new payment policy for
our monthly meetings and I wanted to communicate the rationale used by the Board to arrive at the decision to implement changes.

Our goal with each meeting is to maximize membership participation by providing a pleasant environment that is conducive to networking with peers in our profession and to provide interesting speakers, which present on topics that are pertinent to our profession and of interest to the membership. While we do not try to realize a profit by conducting our monthly meetings, we do hope to break even and cover our expenses so we can use our limited financial resources for more value-added offerings to the membership including, but not limited to, educational programs, National Educational Seminars, scholarship programs, etc.

During the past few years, there have been multiple instances when the proceeds collected by the chapter were not sufficient to cover our expenses for a given monthly meeting resulting in the chapter having to divert funds budgeted for other purposes to cover the shortage. Although this could happen for a number of reasons, the vast majority of times the cause was due to instances of members not showing up for a meeting when they had RSVP’d that they would attend. Recognizing that we must provide the Doubletree with a firm headcount prior to the meeting, and we must pay for meals prepared for this number regardless of actual attendance, thi creates a financial liability for the chapter that we are seeking to avoid.

Based on the above, in May 2016 the Board decided to make two fundamental changes to our payment Policy. In an effort to increase member participation, and in response to comments provided by numerous members, we decided to implement a process that allowed for electronic payment in advance thereby negating the need for payment by cash or check at the door. This decision was intended to provide members with an additional payment option and it also partially addressed the issue described above related to the need for the chapter to pay for meals of members that do not show when they RSVP in advance otherwise. Recognizing that the Chapter had not raised the cost of meeting attendance in over 8-years, a decision was  also made to increase the cost for individuals paying at the door by $2. The prospect of raising meeting prices had been discussed on numerous occasions over the past few years and the Board resisted taking this action for as long as they thought was reasonable.

I hope that this provides you with some insight into the rationale used to implement the above-described changes. We will continue to monitor attendance at our meetings as well as the financial outcome of each meeting to ensure that these actions have the desired intent of enabling the Chapter to use its funds for the intended purpose … for the benefit our Members.

Mike Vermeulen